Wild Cherry Spoons & Spatulas
P.O. Box 561 Waterville,WA 98858
(509)745-8344  spoons@genext.net
Wild Cherry Spoons and Spatulas have a industry leading reputation  of 30 plus years of quality and craftsmanship.  Combining  unique , quality handcrafted cooking utensils, that are both beautiful and functional.  The heirloom quality and craftsmanship are the foundation of our business.  The attention to detail is what sets us apart.
These are two very popular items, the pie server, and the copper whisk.
These are some of the all cherry wood utensils that are available , and can be used in some of the more delicate non stick surfaces as well  as for table service.
Wild Cherry spoons & spatulas are made with the highest quality materials, and hand selected wood. Each spoon and spatula has evolved from  hatchet carved implements into the unique high quality piece of art that they are today.  The spoons ergonomic design and fine finish and shape are both elegant and sculptural. The unique blend of form, function and beauty are noticeable throughout the whole line of utensils , and make each spoon and spatula a heirloom to pass on for generations.The history of wood cooking utensils dates back hundreds of years and is specifically called for in many traditional recipes.